In our everyday lives, everything is demanded from us. Performance is required, and we behave very commercially and controlled. But often remains this much on the line. We are all sensual beings. We want to touch and be touched, to discover the world and the things, that are around us. Therefore, prepare to be seduced here. With all your alert senses. Dive in ...

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25hours Hotel Zürich West in Zurch / Switzerland
TOPIC HOTEL "SMILE" DESCRIPTIONS: Gold or silver – or even platinum? No, we are not talking ab..
Albergo Dellago in Melide / Switzerland
TOPIC ROOM FANTASY DESCRIPTIONS: A small, privately run hotel – too small for a holiday hotel,..
Alp de Lagh in Val Cama / Switzerland
KIRGHIZ YURT DESCRIPTIONS: Alp de Lagh is situated near a mountain lake in beautiful Val Cama ..
Alp de Lagh in Val Cama / Switzerland
RUSTICO - STONE HOUSE DESCRIPTIONS: Overnight stay in a traditional rustic, with fireplace and..
Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospiz Unique in Guttannen / Switzerland
Art Deco Hotel Montana in Lucerne / Switzerland
TOPIC HOTEL "DESIGN / SENSES" DESCRIPTIONS: The Art Deco Hotel Montana, will spoil you with a ..
Auberge aux 4 vents in Fribourg / Switzerland
TOPIC ROOMS "FANTASY" DESCRIPTIONS: The atmosphere is a mixture of youth hostel and crazy Desi..
B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa in Zurich / Switzerland
BREWHOUSE / WELLNESS / BOOKS DESCRIPTIONS: The hot tip for city travelers and business people ..
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz / Switzerland
TRADITION - HISTORICAL HOTEL 1864 DESCRIPTIONS: Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of t..
Camping Fischers Fritz in Zurich-Wollishofen / Switzerland
SAFARI TENT DESCRIPTIONS: Tents, as comfortable as a desert sheik, but directly on Lake Zurich..
Camping Fischers Fritz in Zurich-Wollishofen / Switzerland
COTTAGE DESCRIPTIONS: „There is room in the smallest cottage for a happy loving couple", wrote..
Castle Wartegg in Rorschacherberg / Switzerland
HISTORICAL CASTLE 1557 DESCRIPTIONS: At Schloss Wartegg, a castle site dating back to 1557, hi..
Castle-Hotel Swiss-Chalet in Merlischachen / Switzerland
TOPIC ROOMS "FOR EVERYBODY SOMETHING" DESCRIPTIONS: It is a small kingdom from romantic castle..
Circus Monti / Switzerland
CIRCUS WAGON DESCRIPTIONS: Have you ever wondered what the life of a circus artist feels like ..
Cornfield Openair-Hotel in Nennigkofen / Switzerland
SLEEPING UNDER OPEN AIR ON HEY DESCRIPTIONS: So far you were happy with 3 stars? 5 stars were ..
Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich / Switzerland
WELLNESS 4000 m2 DESCRIPTIONS:  „Simply one of the best. Worldwide.“ Nothing more needs t..
Dormir Ailleurs in Maules / Switzerland
HEATED TENT DESCRIPTIONS: Sleep in a warm tent, heated by a wood stove and travel back in time..
Franches Montagnes Loisirs in Les Emibois -Muriaux / Switzerland
COVERED WAGON / HORSE AND CARRIAGE JURA DESCRIPTIONS: At a walking pace, it goes through the S..
Galerie des Emibois in Les Emibois-Muriaux / Switzerland
MONGOLIAN YURTS - ART DESCRIPTIONS: A mix of different impressions, as you can hardly imagine ..
GoldenPass Services Yurts on Rochers-de-Naye / Switzerland
MONGOLIAN YURTS DESCRIPTIONS: Fantastic views of Lake Geneva from 2000m high Rochers-de-Naye. ..