Usually is different! You are looking for a place, that transports you to another time, gives you a whole new experience, lead you in another life? You want to feel like a Lord of the Manor, above it all, disappear into the lap of the earth or experience the elements brand new? Come and find that, what you only dream otherwise. Set the sails and take it upon yourself, to discover new horizons ...


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Albergo Dellago in Melide / Switzerland
TOPIC ROOM FANTASY DESCRIPTIONS: A small, privately run hotel – too small for a holiday hotel,..
Alp de Lagh in Val Cama / Switzerland
RUSTICO - STONE HOUSE DESCRIPTIONS: Overnight stay in a traditional rustic, with fireplace and..
Alp de Lagh in Val Cama / Switzerland
KIRGHIZ YURT DESCRIPTIONS: Alp de Lagh is situated near a mountain lake in beautiful Val Cama ..
Arno Cereda in Sementina / Switzerland
RUSTICO DESCRIPTIONS: A Rustico with a turbulent history waits for you in the Verzasca Valley...
Au Violon in Basel / Switzerland
REMAND PRISON AU VIOLON DESCRIPTIONS: The uniqueness of this prison is enticing. With a lot of..
B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa in Zurich / Switzerland
BREWHOUSE / WELLNESS / BOOKS DESCRIPTIONS: The hot tip for city travelers and business people ..
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz / Switzerland
TRADITION - HISTORICAL HOTEL 1864 DESCRIPTIONS: Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of t..
Bivouac dans les Arbres in Villarimboud / Switzerland
TREEHOUSE TENTS DESCRIPTIONS: Do you desire again to hang on something and to dangle the soul ..
BnB Gehren in Merlischachen / Switzerland
BEE HOUSE DESCRIPTIONS: The former bee house is considered Switzerland’s smallest hotel and of..
Burg Rothberg in Mariastein / Switzerland
CASTLE ROTHBERG - YOUTH HOSTEL DESCRIPTIONS: Burg Rotberg near Mariastein looks like out of a ..
By Käesers in Meienried / Switzerland
SLEEPING IN ..... DESCRIPTIONS: To experience the nature with all your senses, especially at n..
Camping Fischers Fritz in Zurich-Wollishofen / Switzerland
COTTAGE DESCRIPTIONS: „There is room in the smallest cottage for a happy loving couple", wrote..
Camping Fischers Fritz in Zurich-Wollishofen / Switzerland
SAFARI TENT DESCRIPTIONS: Tents, as comfortable as a desert sheik, but directly on Lake Zurich..
Camping Sutz in Sutz-Lattrigen / Switzerland
TENT DESCRIPTIONS: This lovely tent camp offers everything you expect of a real camping holida..
Campingplace Aareggin Brienz / Switzerland
POD - CAMPING PLACE DESCRIPTIONS: The lovingly looked after Aaregg camping site is a small par..
Casa Vanolli in Indemini / Switzerland
RUSTICO DESCRIPTIONS: Indemini, the small mountain village in the upper Valle Veddasca, lies l..
Castle Altenburg in Brugg
CASTLE ALTENBURG - YOUTH HOSTEL DESCRIPTIONS: You will spend the night in the small „Schlössli..
Castle Böttstein in Böttstein / Switzerland
CASTLE DESCRIPTIONS: Castle Böttstein dates from the 11th Century and has three clean restaura..
Castle Colline de Daval in Sierre / Switzerland
WATER CASTLE 1949 - CASTLE COLLINE DE DAVAL DESCRIPTIONS: Between upper and lower Valais, wher..
Castle Wartegg in Rorschacherberg / Switzerland
HISTORICAL CASTLE 1557 DESCRIPTIONS: At Schloss Wartegg, a castle site dating back to 1557, hi..